We setup JDM because we wanted to run an ethical photocopier business.

When you talk to us we listen
We take the time to really understand your needs, so you can get the perfect photocopier or printer -
not the product with the unnecessary bells and whistles that has the highest sales markup.

Uncomplicated and transparent sales information
Some photocopier suppliers have a habit of overcomplicating the information supplied to customers, leaving them unaware of pitfalls or hidden fees. We don’t do this. We keep all sales information simple and concise so that you can quickly and easily make an informed decision.

Expert, independent guidance and honest advice
We are able to demystify your current contract, revealing the full implications it has on your business.

Environmentally friendly practices
We have committed to using recyclables and sustainable resources, making sure we dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. We want to minimise our and your negative impact on the environment.

Service without a service contract
We want to help local businesses who have been tied into photocopier service contracts with unexplained terms and conditions. See our services and maintenance page for more information.

Worry free photocopying and printing

With our head office in Aberdeen, we are a locally based, locally owned and locally focused.

We provide worry-free photocopier and printer services to businesses across the UK, and are committed to providing customers with the highest level of photocopier sales, maintenance and service in the area.

Whether you need a standalone printer or a networked multi-functional device for a large workground, contact us and see how you like our refreshing approach.