Services And Maintenance

Service without a servicing contract

We especially want to help companies who have been tied into photocopier servicing contracts with unexplained terms and conditions.

Be free from unwanted obligations.
Our bespoke service package offers :

NO Price increases for the first 5 years
NO set service period (walk away anytime with no service settlement)
NO toner delivery costs
NO unfair terms and conditions (yours will be tailored to your company’s requirements)

Proactive Maintenance Included

For many businesses, when your multifunctional photocopiers break down, it can be really frustrating. It doesn’t just stop your employees from printing - it potentially stops them from copying, faxing and scanning too.

To alleviate a build-up of problems, we :

  1. Include routine service calls to clean and check paper trays, document feeders etc.
  2. Remotely check some photocopier toner levels, run diagnostic checks etc. (with your permission).
  3. Record the date degradable parts are replaced and from usage levels, estimate when they are coming to the end of their life.

We call this maintenance system our ‘Aim for Zero’ (downtime) initiative and it allows us to address equipment failures before they have a big impact on your business. Customers find it’s very effective.